Football and Practice Schedule now available on CDM Pep Web site/app (and more)


2017-2018 Pep Squad Members and Families,

Here are a few pointers on how to make best use of the capabilities.

· App vs. Website – I highly recommend downloading the TeamApp app to your phone and/or iPad as it is more full featured than the website. Also, the app makes it easy to stay logged in, so you can see all of the information easily and won’t have to remember your password. You can receive app alerts instead of emails if notifications are on.

· Public vs. Private – schedule information, sponsors and some of the news and events are public when it makes sense, but we keep the team’s whereabouts on special events (e.g., banquet) and detailed team information (e.g., forms, rosters) private which you can only see when you are signed on.

· Most Current Info – The site has the most updated info for practices and game schedules – and while our coach or parent volunteers may send out email updates or inform the girls on Facebook when information changes, you can always check the details on the site/app instead of searching through your inbox to find the latest.

· CDM Pep Icon on Home Screen – If you want to add the CDM Pep logo to your home screen so you can recognize it easier (versus TeamApp), go to the app and select “Install to Home Screen” under Settings menu.

· Subscribing to schedules – The site/app allows you to subscribe to one or more of three schedules (practices, games, special events), if you want them to appear on your phone or ‘cloud’ calendar (google, ical, etc). When you select one of them, a ‘subscribe’ button appears which lets you maintain an ongoing sync. In your phone or calendar settings, you can identify how often to check for updates – i think the default is every two weeks, so make sure to change this to more frequently. Two pointers here. 1) If you want it to appear across devices, subscribe via the website – it will allow you to show it in ‘icloud’ or ‘google’ calendar. 2) If you simply want items to appear on your phone, then you can subscribe while using the app. Not sure why this is the case, but i have tested it a couple of times and it seems to work this way.

· Add to calendar – if you don’t want to subscribe, or it’s too confusing, you can easily add any individual event or schedule item you want to your personal calendar by viewing the detail page of the item, and selecting ‘add to calendar’

· Gallery – feel free to upload pics of the team that you think the team or other parents will enjoy.

· Parent volunteer help – if you are coordinating some of the events for the team and want to post information on the site/app, I can either give you ongoing access to do that yourself or you can email me and I can post it for you. As a general rule, avoid image/gif files for your ‘marketing’ posts. Single image files that have words/event information don’t size well for apps or small devices – which is how the world views everything today, so keep it simpler and save time by just sending event info and an image you’d like to accompany it.

Hope this helps – feel free to call or e-mail me if you have questions

Jennifer Vos


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